Concrete Driveway Repair – Solid Tips That Will Save You Money

The driveway repair can be time consuming as well as expensive. Many times people feel that it is an unnecessary expenditure which can be left aside. This leads to more damage to the driveway and eventually more expenditure. The rule of thumb is to repair the damage as soon as possible. If you find a small crack or a small pothole, repair it before it damages the whole driveway.

The driveway design and the materials used are the main factors for the need of driveway repair. If you can spend some time then you yourself can repair your resin driveways cost uk without much difficulty. The following driveway repair tips will help you to save money and repair the parkway in your own style.

  • If you have a hairline crack in your concrete driveway then you can simply fix it by pouring new concrete in to it. This will fix the crack.
  • If the crack is bigger than a hairline crack then first enlarge the crack using chisel and hammer. The bottom of the crack should be wider than its top. This undercutting is important as the new concrete can easily bind with the existing concrete and the repair will be more permanent
  • Once you undercut the crack, clean all the loose gravel with brush before washing it with garden hose.
  • Use concrete adhesive in the undercut so that the concrete patch holds better. Let it dry for some time.
  • Use ready mix concrete patch by adding water to it. This doesn’t require much effort and can be more durable.
  • If you plan to use your own mixture, you can use gravel mix instead of sand mix for better results. The gravel mix can be made by using three parts gravel, one part cement and two parts of sand. This mixture will be very strong and will give you perfect repair.
  • Now put this gravel mixture in the crack or the patch that has to be repaired. You can use float or trowel to apply the mixture.
  • Now cover the repaired patch for a few days effectively five to six days. This will help the patch to dry completely. No vehicle should move on it for these days.


If you follow these driveway repairing tips, your driveway repair will be perfect and you would have saved a lot of money. You will find that your driveway design is intact without any noticeable change to it.


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